What is prime notations?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Prime notation is used to identify an image point.

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Q: What is prime notations?
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120 = 2x2x2x3x5 = 23x31x51

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How do you divide and multiply notations?

You do not divide or multiply notations: you perform those operations on numbers which are expressed in different notations. How you do that depends on which notation you are concerned with.

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notations used to define the efficiency of An algorithm

What are legal notations?

A notation is a note of something. So it would be safe to assume that legal notations are only legal notes.

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well the thing about exponential notations is that you have to # take notes # pay CLOSE attention # study(practiice) # ask questions if you dont understand # stay after school and get help # get a tutor

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It is: 6.8595*102

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