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Q: What is the answer 76 126 simplify in a fraction?
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Can you Simplify 126 over 4?

Yes 126/4 is an improper fraction and simplifies to the whole number 31 and the proper fraction 1/2

What is 3 over 76 simplifed?

3/76 is in simplest form. 3 is a prime number that will not go into 76, so there are no factors in common in order to simplify the fraction.

What is 12.60 in fraction form?

Answer: 6 126 12 ------ as a mixed number ------ as an improper fraction 10 10 Work: 12.6 x100 = 1260 = 126 6 ------- ------ ------- 126/10 = 12 ------ 1 x100 = 100 = 10 10 Put over 1/multiply by 100/simplify(includes turning into mixed fraction) step 1 step 2 step 3

Can you simplify 65 over 126?


Can you simplify 117 126 what would the answer be?

Assuming you mean 1167/126... It would simplify as 37/42 Yes 117/126 is 29/42 (divide by 3 on top and bottom)

What does 38 equal as a fraction?

The number 38 is not a fraction; it is a whole number. I could make it into a fraction if I wanted to. For example, it could be transformed into 76/2 or 380/10 or endless other variations all of which simplify to 38.

Can you simplify the whole number 126?

No, you cannot.

How can you simplify fraction?

To simplify a fraction, you find a number that can be divided by the fraction you are simplifying. sometimes this does not always work and the fraction can not be simplified.

What is 7.6 in fraction?

7.6 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. And, since it is a decimal fraction, there is not another simpler decimal form. Its equivalent, in rational form, is 76/10. You can simplify this rational fraction if you so wish.

Can you simplify 8 over 126?

Yes, 8/126 simplifies to 4/63.

How do you Simplify this fraction 224?

224 is an integer, not a fraction and there is no sensible way to express it as a fraction. Consequently, you cannot simplify it.

How can I simplify the fraction 1024?

1024 is an integer, not a fraction. There is, therefore, no way to simplify its representation.