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Prime numbers are numbers with the factors 1 and itself. Composite numbers have more factors than just 1 and itself.

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Q: What is the diff between prime numbers and compisite numbers?
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To calculate the difference between two numbers?

Subtract one by other as diff betw 2 and 3 3-2=1

What is the difference between 108 and -16?

Well, all you would have to do to find the difference between a positive and a negative number is change the negative number to a positive number and add it to 108. The answer to this one in particular would be 124. But this method can only be used in the case of a positive and a negative. If you wanted to get the diff. between two positives, simply subtract the larger number (if possible) from the smaller number, and there's your answer.

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What are the rules on factoring polynomials with common monomial?

In order to successfully factor you should follow these steps: 1.) Take out the GCF (ALWAYS DO THIS FIRST) 2.) Diff of Perfect Squares a^2-b^2=(a+b)(a-b) 3.) Diff/Sum of Cubes a^3+b^3=(a+b)(a^2-ab+b^2) a^3-b^3=(a-b)(a^2+ab+b^2) 4.) Key Number 5.) Grouping

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In The Name OF GOD... minterm...equal to sum of product of variables. maxterm...equal to product of sum of vriables. IN SOP:every 0 in truth table provides complement and 1 doesn`t IN POS:is reverse of SOP in which every 1 coressponds to complement but 0 doesn`t Ex: if wxyz=1010 so minterm is w x`y z` maxterm is w`x y` z WannA discuss it with me k contact me

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What is diff prime factorization and regular factorization?

When asked for a factorization, it is generally understood to mean the prime factorization.

To calculate the difference between two numbers?

Subtract one by other as diff betw 2 and 3 3-2=1

Diff kind of real numbers?

Natural (or counting) numbers Integers Rationals Irrationals Transcendentals

The product of two numbers is 36 their sum is 13 what are these numbers what is their difference?

4 and 9 and the diff is 5.

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actually MATRICES is the plural of matrix which means the array of numbers in groups and columns in a rectangular table... and determinant is used to calculate the magnitude of a matrix....

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diff between radio isotope and radionuclei

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var a = 12; var b = 5; var diff = a - b; // Value is now 7 alert("Difference: " + diff);

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