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equivalent fraction of three fifths = 6/10

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Q: What is the equivalent fraction three fifths?
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What fraction is not equivalent to three fourths?

three fifths, for example.

What is the numerator of the fraction equivalent to three fifths that has a denominator of 30?

It is 18.

What is an equivalent fraction for three fifths that has a denominator of 60?


What is three fifth as a fraction equal to?

Three fifths as a fraction is 3/5 and is equivalent to 6/10 or 0.6 as a decimal

What is thirteen and three fifths as an improper fraction?

Thirteen and three fifths, as an improper fraction, is 68/5.

What is the equivalent fraction for three fifths?

It is any fraction of the form (3*k)/(5*k) where k is a non-zero integer.

Equivalent fractions for nine-fifteenths?

Three-fifths is an equivalent fraction for nine-fifteenths. Another equivalent fraction for nine-fifteenths is eighteen-thirtieths or six-tenths.

A fraction equivalent to three fifths?


What is another equivalent fraction for six tenths?

Twelve twentieths, three fifths, or sixty one hundredths.

What is the equivalent fraction to 0.92?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.92 is equal to 23/25, or twenty-three twenty-fifths.

What fraction is larger than three fifths?

four fifths

What is an equivalent fraction to three fifths?

An equivalent fraction to three fifths or 3/5 is simply found by either multiplying or dividing both of the digits by the same number. For example, if I multiply 3 and 5 by 2, the equivalent fraction would be 6/10. If I multiplied them both by 3, then it would be 9/15. You could even multiply it by 100=300/500.