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The only two integer numbers greater than 12 and less than 15 are 13 and 14. Of these, only 14 is even. Therefore, the answer is 14.

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Q: What is the even number greater than 12 but less than 15?
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You are greater than 36 and less than 70 One of your factors is 9 you are an even number What number are you?

The number is 54. It is greater than 36 and less than 70. One of its factors is 9 and it is an even number.

What odd number is greater than 11 and less than 13?

NONE.The number that is greater than 11 but less than 13 is 12 and 12 is an even number.

What is a greater number less than 50?

There is no such number. For if you considered 49.99 to be such a number, then 49.995 is a greater number and it is less than 50. And then 49.9955 is even greater and still less than 50. This process can go on without end.

What are all the even numbers less than 1000?

Every second number greater than 2 is an even number.

Is an even number less than 15?

No, however there are even numbers less than 15. An even number is any number that can be divided by two evenly, so it can be greater than 15 too.

How can you tell whether the percent of a number will be greater than less than or equal to the number?

100% equals the number. Less than 100% is less than the number. Greater than 100% is greater than the number.

Is the product of fraction less than 1 and a whole number greater than or less then the whole number?

It can be greater than or less than it.

What whole number is greater than 10 but less than 20. The sum of its didgits is 7 and is a even number. what number am i?


A 3 dight even number greater than 996 and less then 1015?


Is 1.03 greater or less than 0.03?

1.03 is greater, as it has a whole number.

Is .03 greater or less than .015?

Greater. The second number after decimal is greater so number is greater.

When you divide a mixed number by a fraction less than 1 will the quotient be greater or less than the whole number?

It will be greater.

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