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(3,11) is a factor pair of 33.

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Q: What is the factor pair of 3x11 equals 33?
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What are the factor pairs for the multiplication problem 3x11 equals 33?


3x11 equals 33 how groups of 11 did you model in the number line?


What does 3x11 equal?

3x11 = 33

What is the factor pair for the three multiplied by eleven equals thirty three?

3 and 11 are a factor pair of 33.

What is 3x11?


Does 3 go into 33 in multipilcation?

3x1=3, in this case 3x11=33.

What is the square root 3X11 in composite number named?

It is sqrt(33).

What is the GCF of 33 48 and 54?

3 33 = 3x11 48 = 3x16 54 = 3x18

What does .33 equal to?

33ml is a measue of volume.. it imndicates you ave 33 units of one mililitre.

What is the least common multiple of 33 and 45?

The LCM of 33 and 45 is 495....This is how you do it.... 33: 3x11 45: 3x15 =3x11x15 Which = 495

What is the factor pair of 33 and 93?

The prime factors of 33 are 3 and 11. The prime factors of 93 are 3 and 31. The above answers are presumably what is meant by the factor pair.

What can be divided by 33?

you can do 1x33 or 3x11 to get to 33 so 33 can be divided by 1, 33, 3, and 11