What is the gcf for y 8 y 7 Y 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The GCF of y3, y7, y8 is y3

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Q: What is the gcf for y 8 y 7 Y 3?
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What is the product of 7 and y to the third power when y 2?

To write this algebraically: 7(y^3)|y = 2 Substitute 2 for y: 7(2^3) 2^3 = 8, so substitute 8 for (2^3): 7*8 = 56

What is 7-5y if y equals 3?

If y equals 3, 7 - 5y would be:7 - 5(3)Simplify.7 - 15 = -8.In conclusion, 7 - 5y = -8.

What is the slope of the line y equals 7x plus 8 over 3?

7 and the y intercept is 8/3

What is the slope of the graph of 7x equals 3y minus 8?

7/3 im pretty sure Another Answer:- If: 7x = 3y-8 Then: -3y = -7x-8 And so: y = 7/3x+8/3 Therefore: the slope is 7/3 and the y intercept is 8/3

What is the GCF and LCM of 9xsquared y and 39xycubed?

To find the GCF of 9x^2y and 39xy^3 first look at the GCF of 9 and 39 with is 3 Now the GCF of x^2 and x is x and the GCF of y^3 and y is y so the GCF of the 9x^2y and 39xy^3 is 3xy Use a similar idea to find the LCM. The LCM of x^2 and x is x^2 and the LCM of y^3 and y is y^3, lastly, the LCM of 9 and 39 is 117 so the LCM is 117x^2y^3

What is the y-intercept of the graph of the equation 3x-7y equals 8?

Put in this form. Y = mX + c3X - 7Y = 8- 7Y = - 3X + 8Y = (3/7)X - 8/7===========Y intercept = - 8/7-----------------------

How do you do y equals -3x plus 7 and y equals 2x minus 8?

You have two equations with two unknowns, y and x To solve, y = -3x +7 y = 2x -8 since they are equal -3x + 7 = 2x-8 7= 5x -8 15 = 5x 3 = x substitute in either equation to get y y = -2

What is the value of y when a circle with center at 5 2 passes through the points of 2 y and 8 7?

The value of y works out as -3 because both points must be equal distance from the center of the circle at (5, 2) and so the points are (2, -3) and (8, 7)

What is the gcf of yto the 9th power y to the 8 yto the 6?

The GCF is y6

Can someone explain the procedures for solving the following algebra 2 inverse functions y equals negative square root of 6x plus 3 y equals negative 3rd root of 8x plus 5?

I'm going to answer it. y=-sqrt6x+3, y=-3rt8x+5 y=(-sqrt6x^2)+3, y=(-3rt8x^3)+5 y=-6x+3, y=-8x+5 Let's add them. 2y=-14x+8 Let's say y=0. 2(0)=-14x+8 0=-14x+8 Now we can solve for x. -14x+8=0 -14x+8-8=0-8 -14x=-8 -14x/-14=-8/-14 x=4/7 Time to see if this is right. 0=-sqrt6(4/7)+3 0=-3rt8(4/7)+5 Time to fix this. 0=(-sqrt6(4/7)^2)+3 0=(-3rt8(4/7)^3)+5 That leaves you with these two equations. 0=-6(4/7)+3 0=-8(4/7)+5 Let's combine these two. 0=-14(4/7)+8 0=-8+8 0=0 Therefore,x=4/7, and y=0.

What is the GCF of 91x 2 y and 104xy 3?

The GCF is 13xy.

What is the y intercept of 3x-7y 8?

do you mean: 3x-7y=8 1. you have to get this equation set to "y=" form, so add 7y to both sides. 3x=7y+8 2. now subtract 8 on both sides 7y=3x-8 3. get "y" by itself, by dividing by 7 on both sides. y=3/7x -8/7 4. now find your "y intercept" formula y=Mx+B, "B" equals your "y intercept." -8/7 5. answer