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The improper fraction with a denominator of 6 that is equivalent to 5.5 is 33/6

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Q: What is the improper fraction with a denominator of 6 that is equivalent to 5.5?
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What is the equivalent fraction of 30 as the numerator and 55 as the denominator?


What is the improper fraction of 55 over 6?


What 5.5 as a fraction?

5.5 as an improper fraction is 55/10.

What is 5.5 as an improper fraction?


How do you write 5 12 as an improper fraction?

51/2 as an improper fraction is 55/10 or 11/2

Is 55 over 21 an improper fraction?


What is the equivalent fraction of 44 55?

equivalent fraction of 44/55 = 88/110

What is 9 and 1 over 6 as an improper fraction?

9 1/6 Multiply 6 x 9 and add the 1 to get 55. The improper fraction is 55/6.

When a mixed number is written as an improper fraction how is the improper fraction calculated?

If a fraction was written as a mixed number and then turned into an improper fraction you've went backwards instead of on the correct path. You need to return an improper fraction to a proper fraction (mixed number). 55/12 is an example of a improper fraction. We simply divide the top number into the bottom number. 55 ÷ 12 = 4.xxxxx. So we have our whole number. 4. Now we need our fractional part. 4 x 12 = 48. 55 - 48 = 7. Now we have the amount of parts left over always place it back over the original denominator. Now we have our entire mixed number. 4 7/12

What fraction is equivalent to 0.75?

The number 1.55 is read as '1 and 55 one hundredths,' which is equal to the fraction 155/100. Using the least common denominator, this fraction can be 'reduced' to 31/20.

How is five and six elevenths written as an improper fraction?

Well the answer is 61/11. To find this you multiply 11 (denominator) by 5 (whole number) 11x5=55. Then, you add 6 (numerator) 55+6=61. Since you stick with your original denominator, you get... 61 over 11, 61/11

What is 55 in fraction form?

As a mixed fraction: 5+(1/2). OR as an improper fraction in lowest terms: (11/2)