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3 is the smallest odd Prime number.

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Q: What is the least odd prime number?
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How can the prime factorization of a number help you determine if the number is even or odd?

If the number is even, there will be at least one 2 in the prime factorization. If the number is odd, there won't be any twos.

What is the lowest odd prime number?

The lowest odd prime number is 3 .

Is every odd number a prime?

No. 15 is odd, but not a prime.

Is a prime number odd?

All prime numbers are odd except one prime number and that is 2.

Which is the smallest odd prime number?

3 is the smallest odd prime number.

Is 2 an odd prime number?

NO,2 is the only prime number which is even, so 2 is not a odd prime number.

Is 25 an odd prime number?

'25' is odd, all right, but not prime. (It can be divided by 1, 5, and 25) By the way, prime numbers must be odd numbers. All even numbers can be divided by 2, at least, and are therefore not prime.

How your prime number are odd or even?

Every prime number is odd except one: the number 2.

What is the difference between odd nos and prime nos?

odd is a number you cant halve a prime number is a number that you can double itself and it is odd

What is prime plus prime?

A prime plus another prime is at the very least going to be an even number since all primes (with the exception of 2) are odd.

If you subtract an odd number from a prime number can the result be prime?

Yes it can if the result is 2, else it can't because an odd number - an odd number = an even number, and 2 is the only even prime.

Is a prime number odd or even?

There is one even prime number (2); the rest are odd.

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