What is the ratio of 17 to 5 in fraction?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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or anything equivalent

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Q: What is the ratio of 17 to 5 in fraction?
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17 to 5 ratio as a fraction in reduced form?

The fraction 17/5.

How do you change a ratio into a fraction?

If the ratio is 4 out of 5, the fraction is 4 divided by 5, which is 0.8.

What are two equivalent fraction for 810?

The equivalent ratio, in its simplest form, is 810/1. You can multiply the numerator and denominator of this ratio by any positive integer to give you an equivalent fraction. 17, for example, gives you 13770/17.

Why can you compare 2 fractions with the same denominator by only compare the numerator?

If two fractions have the same [positive] denominator, then the smaller numerator implies the smaller fraction. Furthermore, the ratio of the numerators is the ratio of the fractions. So, for example, if you have 3/17 and 5/17 then, since 3 < 5, it follows that 3/17 < 5/17 and the two fractions are in the ratio 3:5. That is, the first fraction is 3/5 of the second. All of the above remains true if you replace 17 by any other positive number (including an irrational number).

What is 0.6 as a ratio?

0.6 as a ratio, or fraction, is 3/5.

What is the fraction of the ratio 2 to 5?


What is the ratio 5 to 2 as a fraction?


What is the fraction for 2 to 5 ratio?

It is 2/5.

What is the ratio 5 3 1 as a fraction?

The ratio of three numbers cannot be expressed as a singe fraction.

5.17 as a fraction?

5.17 as a fraction is 5 and 17/100, or 5 17/100.

What is the ratio 2to5 as a fraction?

It is 2/5.

What is 1.7 in fraction? is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction.