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It is the efficiency of the machine.

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Q: What is the ratio of work put out of a machine to the work put in is its?
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What is an efficiency ratio?

The efficiency ratio for a machine usually refers to the ratio of the useful energy available from a machine and the energy put into it.

The efficiency of a real machine?

Efficiency is equal to the ratio of work input to work output; for an ideal machine this ratio is equal to 1 or 100%. For a real machine this ratio is always less than 1 because some of the work input is used to overcome mechanical friction within the machine which does not contribute to the work output of the machine.

What is the ratio of cement water and sand in rcc?

what is ratio of rcc work machine foundation

How much work put into a machine is changed to useful work put out by the machine?


What does the power of the machine tell you?

Force is the ratio of the amount of work the machine can do over the amount of time it takes to do the work.

Is a measure of how much work put into a machine is changed to into useful work by the machine?


When discussing engines the ratio of output work to input work expressed as a percentage is called .?

The efficiency of the machine.

How can you increase the work output of a machine?

the only way to increase the work output is to increase the amount of work you put into the machine.

What is the machine and man ratio for garment industries?

The man to machine ratio is commonly used by organizations to calculate production output. It is a helpful way of correlating the amount of expenses and resources put into an investment versus the return. It is important to establish optimal man-machine ratio to gain high resource utilization and output

What is the relationship between ideal mechanical advantage and velocity ratio?

The ratio of Mechanical Advantage and Velocity Ratio is Efficiency. That is to say the ratio of M.A. and V.R. is constant.

The comparison between output work imput work is?

Work input is how much work you put into a machine and work output is the work done by the machine according to how much work you put into it. You will never get more work out of a machine than you put into it. The efficiency of a machine is how much useful work you got out of the machine compared to how much you put in (expressed in a percent). Efficiency = Useful Work Output ÷ Work Input

What is actual mechanical advantage in physics?

The ratio of the force required to do work without the machine (load force, FL) over the force required to do work when using a machine (effort force, FE).