What is the steric number of O3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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3 (2 bonding sites & 1 lone pair)

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Q: What is the steric number of O3?
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What is the steric number of NO2?


What is the steric number of carbon disulfide?


What is steric retardation?

Due to the steric crowding the tetrahedral inter-mediate can't be form and thus esterification can't take place;this is called steric retardation.

Which electron-pair geometry corresponds to a steric number of 4?

steric number of an atom(for example the N of NH4) within a compound is calculated by adding up the number of atoms bonded to that atom(H's bonded to the N) plus the number of lone electron pairs (in this case none, because N's 2p shell is now full, rendering it a stable molecule). This gives NH4 a steric number of four. The positive charge comes from the additonal H+

What is the oxidation number of O3?

THe oxidation number for 'O3' is zero(0). O3 is ozone, and each oxygen atoms forms two single bonds with each of the other oxygens, forming a triangular arrangement.

What number month is March?

(3) March is the third month.

What is the relation between steric hindrance and reactivity?

The structures and properties can be used to describe the relation between a steric hindrance and reactivity.

What is the steric number of BrF3 central atom?

It is five because there is a total of five electron pairs around the bromine atom.

Why molecular formula of ozone is O3?

O3, with a molecular mass of 48 grams per mole

What is the oxidation number for O in O3?

0. The oxidation state of an element is always zero.

Why is o3 gas bad for the ozone?

Ozone is O3

At STP what is the volume of 150g of ozone O3?

150 (g O3) / (3*16.0 (g/mol O3)) = 3.125 (mol O3)3.125 (mol O3) * 22.4 (L/mol) = 70.0 Litre Ozone gas