What is the value of x in the figure?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Roman numerals the symbol "X" means 10.

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Q: What is the value of x in the figure?
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How much is x pence?

X is an unknown quantity. You would need the rest of the equation to figure out the value of X.

If x equals 4 and y equals 8 to 1 significant figure find the smallest value of x plus y?

If x equals 4 and y equals 8 to one significant figure thelowest value of x would be 3.49 (the nine is recurring and the lowest value of y would be 7.49 (the nine is recurring so the lowest over all value of the two would be 10.98 (the eight is recurring

If figure x is inscribed in figure y?

Figure Y is circumscribed about figure X.

What is 2X-57 degrees?

2x-57 degrees = -55

What value of x in degrees would make segments bc and CD congruent?

If the problem is (5x+1) and your trying to figure out X. The answer is 12. (APEX)

What is the value of x when y equals 0?

There's no way we can figure that out until you tell us how 'x' and 'y' are related to each other. That kind of information is called an "equation".

If you are using the absolute value such as in a problem like the absolute of x-y do you do x-y then figure out the AV of that or do you find the AV of x then y and subtract them?

!x-y! first calculate x-y, then calculate av.

How do you convErt octal 243 to dEcimal?

Starting from the right, and working left - each digit is 8 times the value of the preceding one. So - in this example...The figure 3 remains the same.The figure 4 is 8 x 4... 32The figure 2 is 8 x 8 x 2... 128So... 3+32+128=163

What is plus 2 plus x cubed?

figure out what x means and then multiply x by x then add the product of that and 2 and voila you get your answer

Find the value of x if the perimeter is 75?

That question can't be answered without seeing the drawing. We need to know the shape of the figure, what part of it is labeled 'x', and any numbers that are given.

How do you figure the dimension of a triangle?

well all triangles are 160 degrees or was it 180??? anyways if you have a problem like this: 20, 56, x to find the value of x you do 20 + 56 = 76 so 160 or 180 - 76= 84 or 104 is the value of x. hope this helps if not sorry for confusing you

Negative 34 plus x equals 6 what do you do?

In equations, this is how to figure it out. -34+ x =6 -34+ x - -34=6- -34 x=40 (subtracting a negative number is actually adding it's absolute value, its distance from 0)