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.75 is how much 3 fourths equals to

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Q: What is three fourths equal to as a decimal?
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Three fourths is equal to what decimal?

Three fourths, or 3/4, is equal to .75 (75%)

What is one and three fourths equal to a decimal?

It is: 1 and 3/4 = 1.75 as a decimal

What is the fraction three fourths equal to?

3/4 is equal to 0.75 in decimal form.

How do you change three fourths into a decimal?

3/4 = 0.75 '3/4' means three divided by four. Set up a division bracket 4)3.00000 Notice the string of zeroes after the decimal point. We say four divided into three won't go. So we write 'zero point' in the answer . 4)3.0000 = 0. Ignoring the decimal point after the three, we read it as thirty. Then we say 'four into thirty goes seven ( 4 x 7 = 28) with a remainder of '2''. So the answer becomes 4)3.0000 = 0.7 The remainder '2' is carried onto the second zero , to read twenty. We say 'four into twenty goes five ( 4 x 5 = 20) and no remainder So the answer becomes 4)3.00000. = 0.75 Since there is no remainder , that is the answer. To convert a decimal to a fraction we write 0.75 / 1.00 Notice it is over '1' and since there are two decimal digits we place in two 'zeroes'/ Cancel down the decimal points so it read . 75/100 Since both number end in '5' or '0' then cancel down by '5' 75/100 = 15/20 Cancel down by '5' again 15/20 = 3/4 Done !!!!! Hope that helps. This system is good for any decimal/fraction conversion or vice versa. However some fractions will give a recurring decimal and recurring decimals can be converted to fractions a different technique. Only irrational numbers ( pi = 3.141592... etc., .) cannot be converted.

What does 3 fourths equal?

Three fourths equal three quarters (3/4), percentage = 75%, decimal = 0.75

What is six and three fourths as a decimal?

six and three fourths as a decimal = 6.75

What is three fourths is a decimal?

Three fourths = 0.75

Is three-fourths less than two fourths?

No - expressed as a decimal, 3/4 is equal to 0.75, while 2/4 is equal to 0.5.

How do you write two and three fourths as a decimal?

two and three fourths written as a decimal is 2.75

What does 3 three 4ths equal?

what does three three fourths equal? what does three three fourths equal?

What is six and three fourths in decimal form?

Six and three fourths in decimal form is 6.75 exactly.

What is 4 and 3 fourths in a decimal?

3 fourths is the same as three quarters.Three quarters as a decimal is 0.75Therefore 4 and three fourths is 4.75 as a decimal.

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