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a negative decimal number, a rational number, a nice number

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It is a negative fraction in decimal form.

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It is a negative decimal number.

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Q: What kind of number is -23.8?
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238 is 28 of what number?

238 is 28% of 850

How many neutrons does U 238 have?

Number of neutrons = Mass number - atomic number = 238 - 92 = 146

How many protons neutrons and electrons have uranium 238?

Uranium-238 has 92 protons, 92 electrons and 146 neutrons.The mass number is 238 and the atomic number is 92.

What does the '238' in uranium 238 and the '14' in carbon 14 mean?

They represent the number of nucleons.

What element has the atomic number 238?

No element has the atomic number 238. At present, the periodic table only goes up to atomic number 118.

What is the number of protons and neutrons that are in Uranium 238?

Protons = 92 Neutrons 238-92 = 146

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Is 238 a prime number?

As an even number greater than 2, 238 is divisible by 2 and therefore composite. Its positive integer factors are: 1, 2, 7, 14, 17, 34, 119, 238

What is the mass number of uranium-238?

238 Atomic mass: 238,050 788 247 ± 0,000 002 044 u.a. Atomic number: 92

How do you calculate the neutrons of an atom?

The number of neutrons in an atom is easily calculated by taking the mass number and subtracting the atomic number. Take for example, Uranium: the mass number on the periodic table is 238, while the atomic number is 92. Take the difference of 238 and 92 and that will be equal to the number of neutrons. 238-92=146

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