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970200 and 900900 have 216 factors each.

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Q: What number from 1000-1000000 has the most factors?
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What is 1000 million?

10001000000 = 10,001,000,000

What number has the highest amount of factors?

There is NO number with the most number of factors.

What composite number has the most factors?

It is impossible to determine what number has the most factors because there are an infinite number of numbers.

What number have the most factors?

That question doesn't have a definitive answer unless you're talking about a specific set of numbers. Since numbers don't stop, there will always be a number with more factors than the largest one you can think of.

Which number has most factors?

Theoretically, infinity has an infinite number of factors.

Which number is greater then 25 and has the most factors?

There is no such number with "most factors"; if you have a number with a certain number of factors, you can always multiply it by 2, or by 3, etc., to get another number that has even more factors.

What number less than 50 has the most factors?

48 has 10 factors, the most factors of any number under 50.

What number under 50 has the most factors?

48 has the most factors..

What type of number has the most factors?

Composite number

How many whole number less than a hundred has the most factors?

the number 90 has the most factors under 100

Which number has the most factors?

There isn't any, and it is quite simple to prove that. Suppose there is a number with the most factors and suppose that number is X. Now consider Y = 2*X. Y has all the factors of X and it has another factor, which is 2. So Y has more factors than X. This contradicts the statement that X has the most factors. Therefore, there is no number with the most factors.

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