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512 = 29


768 = 28*3 have 9 prime factors each.

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Q: What number less than 1000 has the most prime factors?
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Which number less than 1000 has the most different prime factors?

210 has 4, which is the maximum possible. There are other numbers with 4 different prime factors.

What is the largest prime no lesser than 1000?

The largest prime number less than 1000 is 997.The largest prime number no less than 1000 is currently 257,885,161-1

Is a prime number a factor of 1?

no, factors of a number would be less than that of the original number. A prime number is a number that has factors of only itself and 1.

What is the greatest possible length of a positive integer less that 1000?

The greatest possible 'length' comes from the number with the greatest number of prime factors. The greatest number of factors is created by using the smallest prime number, 2, as a factor as many times as possible. Since 2^9=512 and 2^10=1024, the greatest possible 'length' of a positive integer less than 1000 is 9.

How many numbers which are less than 1000 have an odd number of factors?

Perfect squares have an odd number of factors. There are 31 perfect squares less than 1000.

What number has only three factors and they are all prime the number is less than 160?

No whole number has only three prime factors. At the very least, every number has one as a factor, which is not prime.

What is the number that is less than 160 has exactly three different prime factors what is the number?

How about 105 whose prime factors are 3, 5 and 7

What whole number less than 1000 has the most factors?


What is last prime number to sift to find all prime numbers less than 1000?


What number less than 13 has the fewest factors?

The prime numbers less than 13 have the fewest factors. They are:235711

What is the highest number less than 100 with the least factors?

It is 97 which has only two factors because it is a prime number

What are all the numbers less than 100 with exactly 3 factors that are prime?

By definition, a prime number has exactly two factors. So, there are no prime numbers with exactly three factors.

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