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All the multiples of 10.

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Q: What numbers are shaded twice when you shade multiples of 2s and 5s on a hundred chart?
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What is non-shaded squares is a hundred chart called?


What does it mean when it says which chart shows 3 prime numbers shaded?

I presume that it means you have a choice of several charts and one of them may have 3 prime numbers that are shaded. There may be more than one such chart to make your task easier or they may not be any and it is a trick question!

How many prime numbers are there in the one hundred chart?

25 of them.

If there was a chart from one to one hundred. How many prime numbers are there?

25 of them.

Where do prime numbers show up on a multiplication chart?

Only in the ones column. Prime numbers aren't multiples of anything but one and themselves.

How can you draw a flow chart to find prime numbers?

The first action sequence in the flow chart is to remove all multiples of 2 from numbers greater than 2. The next sequence removes removes all multiples of 3 from all numbers greater than 3. The third sequence removes all multiples of 5 from the remaining numbers greater than 5. The fourth sequence removes all multiples of 7 from the remaining numbers greater than 7. Additional sequences are added as needed to remove multiples of as many primes as desired in ascending order.

A pedigree chart can show a trait that is?

Inherited through family relations. Like a family tree, but using squares for males and circles for females. Shaded shapes contain the trait that the chart is displaying. Half shaded shapes symbolize carriers for the trait being represented by the chart.

HOW do you find the LCM of 15 and 25 using the hundred chart?

The LCM of these numbers is 75. LCM is Least common multiple.

How do you use a sieve of Eratosthenes?

1.draw up a chart 1-100 2.get rid of 2's multiples 3.get rid of 3's multiples 4.get rid of 5's multiples 5.get rid of 7's multiples 6. all the left over numbers are prime.

What is a hundred chart?

A hundreds chart is a chart that has a hundred little square's draw ten square's down ten times.hope this info was very helpful

What are the common multiples of 7 and 3 the chart?

The common multiples of 3 and 7 are 21, 42, 63 and so on.

Where is a Pedigree chart for sickle cell anemia?

An example pedigree chart for sickle-cell anaemia can be found using the related link below. Individuals shaded black have the disease, individuals that are not shaded are unaffected, and individuals that are carriers are shown with diagonal lines (they are often shown with a single dot in the centre of their shape).