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About 750,000 girls get pregnant and 32% get abortions.

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Q: What percent of teens get pregnant an what percent keep them?
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What is the percent of teen pregnant today?

50 percent of the teens are pregnant today!

If a minor gets pregnant can their parents decide if they keep it or not?

no the pregnant teens parents can not decide if the teen keeps the baby or not.

What is the percentage of pregnant teens that are hispanic or Latino?

As of 2005, Hispanic teens accounted for 32 percent of teenage pregnancies in the United States. This is compared with 24 percent for African Americans (the second highest) and 7 percent for Asian Americans (the lowest).

Do more teens get pregnant then adults?

no. but many teens do get pregnant, sadly

What percent of teenagers who become pregnant keep their baby?

About a third.

What are facts about teen pregnancies?

Nearly a million people become pregnant while in their teens. Most teens who became pregnant weren't planning on it to happen. Fifty seven percent of teen pregnancies result in live births.

What percent of teens get married?

about 40 percent of teens get married each year.

When was Heaven's Pregnant Teens created?

Heaven's Pregnant Teens was created on 2006-01-24.

Does pregnant teens take drugs while being pregnant?

Taking drugs while pregnant may seriously deform your baby. Addicts are less likely to be able to keep their babies.

Is there planned parenthood for pregnant teens?

PPL is open for everyone who is pregnant but there are no clinics only for pregnant teens. I doubt there would be enough patients for that.

How do teens get pregnant on Sims 3?

Teens cannot get pregnant in the sims 3, because EA does not want to be seen to be encouraging youngsters to get pregnant. 'Teenagers' refers to minors, as well as older teens, so it is best that they do not have the ability to get pregnant.

What is the percent of teens doing drugs?

In 30 days 20 percent of teens have been reported doing drugs.

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