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100%. If there's no other party involved, then the genetic information can only physically come from the parent organism.

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Q: What percentage of an offsprings genetic information is the same as the genetic information of a parent during asexual reproduction?
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How are offsprings created?

By sexual and asexual reproduction.

Disadvantages of asexual reproduction are .?

There is no genetic variability since the offsprings are not very different from their parents.

How is asexual reproduction different from sexual reproduction in terms of parents offsprings?

Asexual parents are of both the same gender, while sexual parents are a combination of both male and female

Do protists hsve an asexual reproduction?

no they do not "hsve" asexual reproduction they "have" asexual reproduction...

What type of reproduction that only require one parent?

asexual. its what plants do

What is the other name of asexual reproduction?

The other name for asexual reproduction is agamogenesis.

What is the creation of offspring from only one organism called?

asexual reproduction. Mitosis.

What is the primary advantage of sexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction is more advantageous than asexual reproduction because it allows for genetic diversity. In asexual reproduction there is only one source of genetic material whereas with sexual reproduction there are two sources of genetic material.

What are the advanages of Asexual reproduction?

What are the Advanages of Asexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction produces?

asexual reproduction produces

Asexual reproduction is represented by?

The method of reproducing offspring by only one parent is called asexual reproduction. All of the genetic information comes from a single organism. This is represented by vegetable and plant reproduction.

What percentage of the DNA is passed through to the offspring in asexual reproduction?

An offspring receives half of its genetic information from its mother, and half from its father.