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The answer is about 8% (of households earn 150,000 +). 20% of households earn 100,000+. This is based on:

Table HINC-06. Income Distribution to $250,000 or More for Households: 2007 [Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, 2008 Annual Social and Economic Supplement. Numbers in thousands. Households as of March of the following year.]

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Q: What percentage of households earn 150000?
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What percentage of households earn greater than 150000?

The answer depends on the region and, therefore, the currency unit, as well as the period (per day, week, year). And since you have not bothered to provide that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer. It would not surprise me if 100% of Japanese families earn more than 150000 Japanese Yen in a year. At the same time, 0% of UK households earn more than 150000 Pounds Sterling every hour!

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What percentage earn over 750000 per year in US?

The percentage of American households earning over $150,000 changes annually. However, current information shows that 3.09 percent of American households earn between $150,000 to $154,999. Over 90 percent of all households earn below $150,000.

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% rate:= (3000/150000) x 100%= 0.02 x 100%= 2%

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4,000 is 2.67% of 150,000.

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If it is simple interest and interest calculated at the end of each year then 150000x10x0.1 = 150000 If it is compound interest and interest calculated at the end of each year then [150000[(1+0.1)]raised to 10] - 150000 which is [150000x(1.1)raised to 10] - 150000 which is 150000x2.59374246 - 150000 which is 389061.37 - 150000 = 239061.37

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