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There are 49 even numbers less than 100, but only the number 2 is an even Prime number less than 100.

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Q: What prime number or number less than 100 are even?
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Which prime number less than 200 are even?

There is only one even prime number, and that is 2. The "less than 200" is a bit of a ruse.

What are the prime numbers less than 100 even?

There is only one even prime number. It is the number two.

What prime numbers are less than 100 but even?

The only even prime number is 2.

What number is less than 100 is an even a prime number and is square?

There is only one even prime number and that is 2 as all over even numbers can be divided by 2 and 2 is not square so there isn't a number less than 100 that is an even prime square number.

What prime numbers are even and less than 100?

There is only one prime number which is even - that is 2 - and it also happens to be less than 100. All other prime numbers are odd.

Why are square numbers one less than a prime number always even?

Prime numbers, except 2, are always odd (they would not be prime if they were even cos they would be divisible by 2.) 1 less than any odd number must be an even number.

What is the only even prime number less than 100?


Is 2 the only number less than 100 that is even?

No but 2 is the only even prime number

How many prime numbers less than 50 are even numbers?

Only one number can be both even and prime, and that is the number 2.

What whole number less than 20 is both an even and prime number?


How many even primes are there less than 100?

The only even prime number is... 2 !

What are all the even composite numbers less than 1000?

Literally every single even number less than 1000 is a composite number other than 2 which is prime.