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fractions which are equal to 0.05 = 5/100, 1/20, 2/40, 3/60

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Q: What two fractions that equal to the decimal 0.05?
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What is 8cm 8cm 4.3 4.3?

It is a sequence of two equal measures of length followed by a pair of equal decimal fractions. The meaning such a sequence is unknown.

What is the difference between two equal fractions?

the difference between two equal fractions is zero.

What represents the differences between two equal fractions?

If two fractions are equal then the difference between them is zero (0).

Two or more fractions that are equal is called what?

In actual problems, we convert two (or more) fractions so that they have equal denominators.

How do you know when two fractions are equal?

If the denominators (bottom numbers) are not equal, making equivalent fractions of them so that the denominators are equal. With the denominators equal if the numerators (top numbers) are equal, then the fractions are equal.

What do do equal fractions form?

Two fractions set equal to each other form a proportion.

How do you convert percentages into decimal fractions?

It is quite simple to convert a percentage to a decimal fraction. Just move the decimal point two spaces to the left. So, 50% becomes .5 and 75% becomes .75 and half a percent (.5%) becomes .005 and 100% becomes 1. Percentage, remember, means out of a hundred. So 50% is 50 out of a hundred, which is half. And as a decimal, half is .5 which you can derive simply by moving the decimal point.

How can complex fractions be multiplied?

complex fractions can be multiplied when you have two fractions multiplied and equal a whole number.

Can the quotient of two fractions be ever equal to one?

Yes, but only if the two fractions are the same or equivalent fractions (other than 0).

What number represents the difference between two equal fractions?

There is no difference in value between "equal" fractions: the difference is zero.

What fractions are one fifth and two tenth?

They are equivalent fractions, each equal to 0.2

What is the relashionship between fractions and decimals?

The relationship between fractions and decimals can be seen as follow. Fractions can be represented as ratio of two numbers and on dividing can give a decimal value. And decimal value can be converted into a fraction too.