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a globular cluster

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Q: What type of star clusters has the greatest percentage of old stars?
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What are star clusters made of?


The milky way galaxy has 158 star clusters that orbits in space if each of these star clusters contain 100000 stars how many stars exist in these clusters?

The question contains the answer 100,000. "if each of these star clusters contains 100,000 stars, how many stars exist in these clusters" If you mean the total number, are you seriously saying you don't know how to multiply 100,000 by 158?

What you can see that is outside your solar system?

Stars, star clusters, distant galaxies, galaxy clusters, nebulae, ...

What are the spherical groups of millions of stars found in the milky way called?

Those are called globular clusters, or star clusters.

Are there Star Clusters in your Solar System?

No, a star cluster would be a group of stars; our solar system has only one star in it - the sun, with planets in orbit around it. A star cluster, by contrast, is a much larger structure - a group of from hundreds up to hundreds of thousands of stars (globular clusters can have millions of stars) bound together by gravity. It might be better to say there are star clusters inside our galaxy, the Milky Way.

What are the star systems and clusters?

they collect particals and form stars close together

What are things in space?

EVERYTHING galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets, milky way, star clusters, globular clusters and much more

What is a name for a really huge group of stars that are close together?

They are called "Star Clusters".

What are the different star groups in space?

There are constellations, groups of stars or star clusters that look like an animal/person/thing.

Are star clusters found in your solar system?

well,yea stars are found in the solar system

A planet and its host star orbit about?

Most stars orbit around the center of a galaxy. Some stars are parts of star clusters; in that case, they will also orbit around the center of the star cluster.

What are two types of star clusters?

two types of star clusters are Open clusters and globular clusters