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It is equal to 1

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Q: When a fraction has the same numerator and denomenator what does the fraction equal?
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Can you teach me how equivalent fraction is done?

To get an equivalent fraction you have to multiply the numerator and denomenator by the same number

Can an improper fraction equal one?

No, because the numerator (top number) must always be larger then the denomenator (bottom number) to be an improper fraction. To equal 1, both numbers must be the same.

Which fraction are equal to 1?

Anything where the numerator and the denominator are the same value.

When does a fraction equal 1?

When numerator/denominator same no.

How do you turn an improper fraction with the same denominator and numerator with a whole number?

Any fraction with the same numerator and denominator is equal to ' 1 '.

What is true when the numerator and the denominator of the fraction is equal?

If both the numerator AND denominator are the same... the fraction is an equivalent for the number 1

What is quotient of powers?

When you divide powers having the same base, subtract the numerator from the denomenator. Put the base in the part of the fraction where the original exponent was larger.

When the numerator and denominator are the same what is the fraction equivalent to?

Its equal to 1

How do you mltiply a fraction?

Multiply both denomenators (The bottom number in a fraction) and put that as your new denomenator. Do the same to the numerator (The top number in a fraction) and you have your answer. If it is a whole number, eg. 3, imagine it as 3/1.

What is the relationship to the number 1 if the numerator and the denominator of the fraction have the same value?

If the numerator and denominator are equal, then the value of the fraction is ' 1 '.

How can you tell a fraction is equal to one?

When its numerator is the same as its denominator then the fraction is equal to 1 as for example 5/5 = 1

What is the definition of comparing fractions?

when 2 fractions have the same denomenator, the one the larger numerator is greater.

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