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When the digit immediately to the right of your target (the place you're rounding to) is 5 or greater.

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Q: When should a number be rounded up?
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Would a 89.456 be rounded up to a 90?

89.456 should be rounded to 89 (to the nearest whole number) but it should be rounded UP to 90.

What is the rounded number of 3.5?

3.5 can be rounded up to 4 or down to 3, most often it will be rounded up.

What is the least number that can be rounded off to 12.7?

12.6500...001 where you keep adding 0s. 12.65 should be rounded DOWN to 12.6, not up to 12.7.

What is 9.45 rounded up to the nearest whole number?

The nearest whole number is 9. Rounded up, it's 10.

Does .45 round up or down to the nearest whole number?

0.45 should be rounded down to 0.

What is 12.48 rounded up to?

12 if rounded to the nearest whole number

Should 750 be rounded to 700 or 800?

750 should be rounded up to 800. When rounding anything equal to or greater than 5 gets rounded up, while everything else gets rounded down. In this case the tens place value "5" is equal to or greater than 5, so the number rounds up.

What is 40.54 rounded to a whole number?

It is 41 if rounded up. Or 40 if rounded down.

How much is 88.94 rounded up to?

89 if rounded to the nearest whole number

What is 65.39 rounded up too?

65 is rounded to the nearest whole number.

What does rounded up mean?

For cowboys, "rounded up" means "corralled." For mathematicians, "rounded up" means "estimated to a higher number that is shorter or easier to work with."

When rounding to the nearest tenth should 19.48 be rounded up or down?

19.48 should be rounded up as it is only 0.02 from 19.5 i.e. 5 tenths And 19.41 should be rounded down, for example Various arguments for which way 19.5 should be rounded (as it halfway) ...

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