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Q: Which number is a prime number a.14 b.15 c.23 d.25?
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Which is not a multiple of 2 a14 b20 c23 d32?


How do you apply conditional formatting in excel 2003 based on number of characters in a cell?

Use the LEN function to count how many characters are in the cell. If you want to evaluate cell C23, use LEN(C23)=6.

How would you add two entire worksheets in excel?

If you have numbers on two worksheets in cells A1:C23, you can use the formula:=SUM(sheet1!A1:sheet1!C23)+SUM(sheet2!A1:sheet2!C23)

How can you subtract two columns of numbers in excel?

If you want to subtract A1:A23 from C1:C23, you can use this formula:=SUM(C1:C23)-SUM(A1:A23)

Can your body synthesize a fatty acid having a double bond between C22 and C23?


Is a group of cells called a cell range or range in excel?

You create them. A range is a collection of cells, you choose.EXAMPLE:You want to find the sum of a range of cells from C2 through C23. The range would be C2:C23. The formula to find the sum of this range of numbers is =SUM(C2:C23).

What is Microsoft Excel formula to calculate a hourly rate with a 5 percent increase?

Put the rate in a cell, let us use B23. Calculate the new rate in cell C23 using this formula:=B23*1.05

Is there a Substitute for benicar hct40-12.5mg tab sko?

The only thng that i know of is sankyo c23's. But always check with your family doctor before taking substitutes. Some may not work with other medications your currently taking.

In Excel a cell is identified by?

The Active Cell will show a black box around it or if it is part of a range it will be the only white cell. You'll also see the address of the Active Cell in the Name Box, beside the Formula Bar, so that you will know which cell it is.

What was the Australian postage stamp in 1918?

No. Type D Color 58 C21 ½ P olive green/rose 59 C22 1 P olive green/rose 60 C23 2 P olive green/rose

What are the Letters in the last column in Microsoft Excel?

They identify each column in the worksheet. They are also used as part of the cell addresses, forming the first part of the address, along with a row number.. As an example, all cells in column C will have an address that starts with C, along with the row number of that cell. So cell C23 is in column C and row 23. F98 is in column F and row 98.

Which formula to be used for home budget?

The formula you will use the most for a home budget is the SUM function.Put all of your items in columns, then at the bottom of each collumn use the SUM function to add the column. For example, if you have items listed in colum C from rows 3 through 23, the formula at the bottom of the column will be =SUM(C3:C23).