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Nitrogen and oxygen make up the largest percentage of the atmosphere.

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Q: Which two gases make up the largest percentage of the atmosphere?
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What gases make up the greatest percentage of earths atmosphere?

The gas which makes up the greatest percentage of earth's atmosphere is nitrogen with 78.08%.

The gases in your atmosphere aside from the oxygen and nitrogen make up about what percentage of air?

Oxygen and nitrogen are the two most abundant gases in the atmosphere. They make up 99% of the air.

What is the total percentage of volume in the atmosphere?

100%. However, I think you misunderstand. Every has in the atmosphere forms a percentage of the total gas in the atmosphere. The percetnages are ;- Nitrogen ; 79 % Oxygen ; 20% Other gases ; 1% The other gases include, Water vapour, Carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, methane, the noble (inert) gases ; (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Radon). #All these gases make up only 1% of the atmosphere, so individually they are in very small proportions.

What are the 4 main gasses in the atmosphere and the percentage of each?

i think 78 of hydrogen and about 20 percent of oxygen and other gases make up the other 2 percentage

What gases make up Sedna's atmosphere?

It appears that there is no atmosphere on Sedna.

What gas make up the largest percentage of the atmosphere?

Nitrogen Gas makes up about 80% of Earths atmosphere with Oxygen making up most of the rest (20%).

What are the gases in the Uranus atmosphere?

The two main gases that make up the atmosphere of Uranus are hydrogen and helium. The atmosphere also contains ammonia and methane.

What gasses make a thin atmosphere?

Any gas or group of gases can make a thin atmosphere.

What gases make up the atmosphere and what is is the percentage of each?

Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%), and Other (Argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor)(1%)

The gases that surround the earth make up the?


Why are the major gases that make up earths atmosphere?

Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon make up 99% of the atmosphere

What gases make venuses atmosphere?

carbon dioxide and nitrogen.