Why is gcf important in math?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When you learn the alphabet, can they automatically throw in all the other english lange terms like synonyms, alliteration, hyperbole, etc... No you have to build up to them.

When you begin learning algebra and learn GCF it looks like a waste of time. Math builds up just like english. Later you will learn (if you take enough math classes) that the GCF and all other types of factoring are used to solve equations. Word problems can be turned into equations and some of them use GCT to solve them. Word problems are as close to real world applications as you get in math class.

No body walks into a job and is given a piece of paper with 50 problems to work, but life is nothing but word problems, and some of them need math to solve them.

Nobody writes you a word problem about interest avter you get out of school, but when you buy a car sombody has to use math to figure out the interest so that they can go on to figure your payment.

Maybe you'll own a music store. And you think: If I can sell this CD for $15, and I pay $10 for it, how many do I have to sell to pay rental for th store, how many do I have to sell to pay my employees, how many do I have to sell to pay myself and on and on....

Big corporations must make even more complicated decisions about their business practices and you would be amazed at the math involved.

So .... GCF is just the beginning.

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Q: Why is gcf important in math?
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