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doesnt make sense in what your asking.put it in a different way of asking

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Q: Why is that other numbers are not a lucky number?
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I need some lucky Powerball number?

People get their lucky numbers fro a number of sources- birth dates, anniversaries, and personal lucky numbers.

Lucky numbers for Virgos?

It depends on your lucky number! Whatever somebody's lucky number is, they chose it, I suppose.

What are the very lucky number?

What numbers are very lucky depends on what superstitions you believe in. Seven is believed to be a lucky number by many people, but so is 13 which is considered to be unlucky by other people.

Do you win with 2 lucky star numbers?

A person can win with 2 lucky number. 2 lucky number can be

Any lucky number out here?

There are several lucky numbers that people have. many consider the number 7 to be lucky.

What is the best lucky number?

The best lucky numbers are 3,7,14 56,16,47,28,and 88

What is Sagittarius' number?

Sagittarius number is 4 known as lucky numbers. If you are Sagittarius, if you ever get 4, your LUCKY!

Is 37 a lucky number?

37 is a prime number and maybe to some people it is lucky

What are some lucky numbers in Japan?

The number eight is lucky in Japan, based on the Kanji: 八 . It widens at the bottom, implying increasing prosperity. The number seven is also lucky, a product of Western influences. i believe that the lucky numbers are 2,4, and 7, and in Chinese the lucky number is 8.

What are the Lucky Numbers for Gemini today 17 jun09?

the lucky number for geminis is 1

Is 888 a lucky number?

Yes, because it symbolizes the sacred number Christ Lucky or unlucky numbers depend on if you are superstitious.

What does the number 29 stand for?

2 and 9 lucky numbers or not

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