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No some times

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What is the area of a cirle with a radius of 5 in

A yard is equal in length to three feet The function Fy takes a measurement in yards as input and returns a measurement in feet as output What input will return a value of 27

What is the height of a cone

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Q: If 2 rectangles have the same area will they always be similar?
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Two lines that lie in the same plane and are always the same distance apart?

parallel lines

What is the area of a triangle with base 12cm and height?

The formula to calculate the area of a triangle is 1/2 * base * height. To understand this, think of a rectangle or a square. To calculate the area of this object you would use length * width (which is the same as base * height). If you cut this object in half, you get a triangle. So that area of any triangle is 1/2 * base * height. I cannot answer your question because you are missing the triangle's height but you should be able to use the formula above to calculate the answer on your own.

A wire of length 3x is bent into the shape of a square Express the area A of the square as a function of x?

The square is formed from a wire the length of 3x, which forms a perimeter of the same length. Because each side of the square is one fourth of the total perimeter (1 out of 4 equal sides), each side is 3x/4. The square of one side of a square is equal to the area of that square, so the area is (3x/4)2 = (9/16)x2.The answer is then A = (9/16)x2.

What is the answer for x plus 5 equals 12?

The problem is done like this: x+5=12 subtract five from the left side and the right side, because you have to always do the same thing to both sides x+5-5=12-5 x=7

What does c equal?

In math, a number signified by "C" is a constant number. A constant is the opposite of a variable. While a variable changes, a constant will always stay the same. For example, in the equation y = 4x + 10, 10 is a constant. If you did not know the value of 10 (for example, if you had just integrated), it could be written as y = 4x + c.

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Are rectangles always similar to each other?

Similar shapes need to have the same number of sides, the same angles and the ratio of the sides needs to be the same. Rectangles are not always similar to each other because they can have different dimensions, which would break the "same ratio" rule.

Does similar polygons always have the same area?

no. similar polygons do not have the same area. similar just means that they have the same angle measurements and are proportional.

Why does rectangles have the same area and perimeter?

they dont

Is there an example of 2 rectangles with the same area but different areas?

No. Many investigators have searched for such an example, but none have found it yet. According to all published research so far, two rectangles with the same area always have the same area. But the search goes on, in many great universities.

Are two rectangles always the same?

they can be any size but have to be the same shape

Do two different rectangles with the same perimeter necessarily have the same area?


If two rectangles are similar then the corresponding sides are?

If two rectangles are similar, they have corresponding sides and corresponding angles. Corresponding sides must have the same ratio.

How many rectangles have the same area and perimeter of 18?

thare is only 1 differint rectangles

How can 2 rectangles have the same area?

1x36 and 2x18 is an example

If two rectangles have the same area do they also have to have the same perimeter?

Not necessarily. Let's say that there is a circle with the area of 10. Now there is a star with the area of 10. They do not have the same perimeter, do they? That still applies with rectangles. There might be a very long skinny rectangle and a square next to each other with the same area, but that does not mean that they have the same perimeter. Now if the rectangles are congruent then yes.

How can you use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar?

You can use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar by comparing to see if the ratios are the same

Consider the same pairs of rectangles as above what happens to the area?

There's no way for me to answer that question with the information I have, since there are no rectangles "above".

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