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7x - 9y = 35
-3x + 6y = -15 (divide the second equation by 3, after that multiply it by 7)

7x - 9y = 35
-7x + 14y = -35 (add both equations)

5y = 0 (divide both sides by 5)
y = 0

7x - 9y = 35 (substitute 0 for y)
7x = 35 (divide both sides by 7)
x = 5

Thus the solution of the given system of the equations is x = 5 and y = 0.

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Q: Solve the system by the elimination method 7x-9y equals 35 plus -3x plus 6yequals -15?
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Solve the system of equations using the elimination method negative x plus y equals negative 3 and 3x plus 2y equals 9?

By elimination: x = 3 and y = 0

The ELIMINATION method performs operations on a system of equations to?

Simultaneous equations can be solved using the elimination method.

Solve the system by the elimination method 5x 5y-13 7x-3y17what is the solution to the system?

Solve the system by the elimination method 5x 5y-13 7x-3y17what is the solution to the system?

When p is eliminated in the system 2p plus 5q equals -4 -p -7q equals 11?

Solving by elimination: p = 3 and q = -2

Solve the system by the elimination method x plus 4y equals -14 and 2x plus 3y equals -13?

x + 4y = -14 eqn12x + 3y = 13 eqn2Using the elimination method we multiply eqn1 by 22x + 8y = -28 eqn1bSubtract eqn2 from eqn1b2x + 8y = -28 eqn1b2x + 3y = 13 eqn25y =-41y = -8 and 1/5substituting this into eqn1 we getx +4 (-41/5) = -14x = (14*5) / (41 *4)x = (35/82)

What is a method for solving a system of linear equations in which you multiply one or both equations by a number to get rid of a variable term?

It is called solving by elimination.

What is the elimination method?

A method for solving a system of linear equations; like terms in equations are added or subtracted together to eliminate all variables except one; The values of that variable is then used to find the values of other variables in the system. :)

How do you solve 2x plus 2y equals 4 and 4x plus y equals 1?

2x + 2y = 44x + y = 1There are many methods you can use to solve this system of equations (graphing, elimination, substitution, matrices)...but no matter what method you use, you should get x = -1/3 and y = 7/3.

How do you Solve this system of equations using the addition method 6a - 5b equals 9 2a plus 5b equals 23?

the answer

How do you decide whether to use elimination or subsitution to solve a three-variable system?

There is no simple answer. Sometimes, the nature of one of the equations lends itself to the substitution method but at other times, elimination is better. If they are non-linear equations, and there is an easy substitution then that is the best approach. With linear equations, using the inverse matrix is the fastest method.

4x-7y equals 13 -2x plus 7y equals -3?

One way to solve this system of equations is by using matrices. Form an augmented matrix in which the first 2x2 matrix is the coefficient matrix and the 2x1 matrix on its right is the answer. Now apply Gaussian Elimination and back-substitution. Using this method gives x=5 and y=1.

2x-3y equals -2 4x plus y equals 24 use substitution method and work the system of equation?

how do you use the substitution method for this problem 2x-3y=-2 4x+y=24

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