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You add -18...

18 + y = 32

18 + y + (-18) = 32 + (-18)

y = 14

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Q: What should be added to both sides of this equation to solve for the variable 18 plus y equals 32?
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x2 - 5x - 36 = 0 (x - 9) (x + 4) = 0 x = 9 and x = -4 This method is called factoring and only works if the equation is a perfect square otherwise you must use the quadratic equation. There are not enough mathematical symbols here to illustrate so you'll have to look it up. But you can determine if the equation is factorable using a part of the quadratic equation called the discriminate, if the discriminate is a perfect square the equation is factorable. b2 - 4ac (discriminate) Where a,b, and c are taken from the general form ax2 + bx + c = 0 a = 1, b = -5, c = -36 If the square root of the discriminate is a whole number 3, 8, 122... the equation is factorable. Notice above that 9 x -4 = -36 the c value and 9 + (- 4) = 5 the b value. Start solving by listing all multiples of -36 and choose the two which when added give you 5.

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To solve for x means to find the value of an unknown number. For instance, in the equation x+14=23, the value of x is 9 because 9 is the number that needs to be added to 14 in order to reach the number 23.

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Answer = 2451.124357------. 3012152451The small 2 and 1 are the 'carries' (3 x 7 = 21, and 3 x 5 = 15) The 2 is added to (4 x 7 = 28) to get 30 in 301. Then the 1 is added to (4x5 = 20) to get 21 in 215. I put the period in before 301 to try to get them to line up.

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The indefinite integral with respect to x (assumed that, for future reference you should always list the variable of integration (dx, dy, dz, dq, dt, etc...)) of: f(x)=1+sin2(x)csc(x) csc(x) is the same as 1/sin(x), and sin2(x)/sin(x)=sin(x), so f(x) can be simplified to: f(x)=1+sin(x) the antiderivatives of both of the components of this function are easy and known. Since they are added together and not multiplied or divided, they can be and integrated individually and then added together in the end (capital-letter function names denote antiderivatives): f(x)=h1(x)+h2(x) h1(x)=1 h2(x)=sin(x) H1(x)=x+C H2(x)=-cos(x)+C F(x)=H1(x)+H2(x) F(x)=x-cos(x)+C

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