Who discovered the last digits of pi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The last digits of pi are unknown. The number is not a rational number and will continue on out to infinity. There was a satire written as a news story that appeared, but it was not true.

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Q: Who discovered the last digits of pi?
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Are all the digits of pi discovered?

Answer: No. Pi is irrational; we could never find the last digit, because the digits go on forever. Also, being irrational means that the digits don't repeat periodically.

How many digits of pi have been discovered?

1.2411 trillion digits (1,241,100,000,000) digits of pi have been dicovered.

What are the last four digits of pi?

Pi is irrational, there are no last digits, the number does not end.

When was the last digit of pi discovered?

It's been proven that pi is an irrational number. In other words, it can't bewritten with a finite number of digits, and there is no 'last digit'.

What is the last fourteen digits of pi?

There are no last 14 digits in pi. The first 14 are 3.14159265358979.

True or false All of pi's digits have been discovered?

False Pi has infinite number of digits with no repetition so there is no way of discovering ALL of Pi's digits.

What are the last digits of pi?

There are none. Pi goes on forever.

How many digits of pi have been discovered by 1701?


How many digits have been discovered in pi so far?

as of October 17, 2011, the record for pi is over 10 trillion digits (10,000,000,000,000)

What is Pi to the last 4 digits?

π is an irrational number* and goes on forever without repeating; there are no last four digits of pi. *π is actually a transcendental number.

What type of cumputer calcuted that lasted digits of pi?

actually pi is endless ,so no one has calculated the last digits yet , interestinly it isn't repeating either.. they have whole books on it, filled with the digits of pi.

What are the first ten digits of pi?

The first ten digits of pi are 3.141592653. If rounded to the nearest billionth, that last digit would be 4 instead of a 3.