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5.00 - 4.25 = 0.75

0.75 x 1,000 = 750

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Q: How many ml must be added to four and 1 quarter to make 5 liters?
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How many liters must be added to 637 liters to make one kiloliter?

363 liters

How many milliters of soup needs to be added to 4.56 liters to make 6 liters?

1,440 ml needs to be added.

How much should be added to 2.95 liters to make 3 liters?

0.05 litres.

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How many liters can you make with four thousand milliliters?

That is 4 litres

Do four cups make 2 liters?

No. Liters are metric and cups are English. You can't divide them evenly into each other.

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4 liters of gas to make 50.1 mix?

80 ml of oil added to 4 liters (4000 ml) of gas would be a 50.1 mix

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