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The 4 functions on a calculator are

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
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Q: What are the 4 functions on a calculator?
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What is a four function calculator?

a calculator with 4 functions!!!

How do you graph a quadratic functions?


How do you find standard deviation using a calculator?

The answer depends on what functions are built into your calculator. Read the calculator manual.

What is a calculator that can display and analyze graphs of mathematical functions called?

A graphic calculator.

Why is it computer called computer not calculator?

It is known as computer rather than a calculator as the calculator performs functions with numbers whereas; a computer performs functions with not only numbers but encoding of computer language.

Where can you find a calculator that divides money?

Division is one of the four basic functions. Any calculator has the ability to do that.

How do to draw UML diagrams of calculator functions addition subtraction division etc?

uml diagram for calculator

What exactly does a Hp 12c financial calculator do?

The HP 12c financial calculator has all of the functions of a normal calculator plus additional functions for financial transactions. There are buttons to easily calculate loan amoritization, percent discounts, and sales tax.

What makes a calculator a scientific calculator?

It has mathematical functions other than the basic arithmetical ones (+, -, * and /), and possibly sqrt and %.

How many mathematical functions are in a Scienfic Mode Calculator?


Who makes the cheapest calculator with the most functions?

Texas Instruments makes cheap ones with plenty of functions.

How many can 16 different trucks be colored 4 different ways?

This is a permutation;16 P4. It is easy to calculate if you have statistics functions on your calculator. Otherwise, it is: 16!/(16-4)! = 43680.