Where is CC?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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CC is on

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Q: Where is CC?
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What does the cc stand for in VW cc?

The CC in Volkswagen CC stands for "Comfort Coupe".

What is a 2litre engine in cc?

2000 CC

Is 09 cc the same as 9 cc?

Yes. However, .09 cc is not equal 9 cc

What is cc in mph?

There is not a conversion from cc to MPH, but the more the cc's, the faster it is able to go.

Can i increase the cc of 100 cc in to 120 or 125?

Yes, it is possible to increase the cc of 100 cc to either 120 or 125 cc with a little fabrication.

What is the significance of cc in bike?

cc is cubic centimeters, the area inside the cylinders (as in 60 cc or 1340 cc)

What are the results of a cross between parents with genotypes Cc and cc?

The expected results are half Cc and half cc.

800 CC what does CC stands for?

The 'cc' stands for cubic centimeters. A cc is also referred to as a milliliter (mL).

How do you convert cc per min to cc per pounds?

You can't convert cc/min to cc/lbs.

What does CC stand for in CC Sabathia?

CC stands for Carsten Charles.

What is the difference between 1500 cc and 150 cc?

1350 cc

What is the difference between 50 cc and 150 cc?

100 CC.