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40jars 160 ounces in 10poundbag 160/4 =40

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Q: How many 4 ounce jars can a 10 pound bag of jelly beans fill?
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How many jelly beans to fill a bus?

no the question you should be asking is how many busses to fill a jelly bean

How much jelly beans do you need to fill up a yard?

about 3

How many jelly beans will fill a 5 gallon jug?

Approx 4600 of them.

How many jelly beans fill half a cup?

this will depend on the size of the jelly beans and if you are referring to an 8 oz cup or a 250 mL cup. You are just going to have to buy some jelly beans and do the experiment for your self. Don't forget you should do three trials when doing an experiment. So it looks like you are going to have to eat a lot of jellybeans. Enjoy!

How many jelly beans fill a bucket?

The answer depends on the size of the bucket.

How many jelly beans will fill a one liter bucket?

hi how are you wats your name

How many times would a mole of jelly beans fill up the Empire State Building?

a lot

How many jelly beans fill a gallon container?

1 gallon = 231 cubic in 231 x (2.54)3 = 3785.4 cm3 so guessing that a jellybean is about 1 cm3 means that there would be 3785 jelly beans.

What are facts about candy?

Some fun facts about jelly beans are: The world setting record for putting 30 jelly beans in colored order sucking them up with a straw is only 21.96 seconds! Imagine trying to do that! Every year the USA. make 16 MILLION jelly beans for EASTER! 16million jelly beans is enough to fill a 89 FOOT plastic Easter egg FULL! WOW!! How many pounds was the world's largest jar of jelly beans? A: 6,050 POUNDS! Imagine carrying that thing! Do jelly beans ACTUALLY have jelly beans in them? A: NO They are actually made of sugar, colored flavorings, gelatin, stabilizers and water!

What does record-keeping mean?

It means to write it down somewhere. For example, if someone says, "Fill these jars with jelly beans and keep a record of how many jars you filled", they want you to write down the number of jars you filled. Or if they say "Hide these jars of jelly beans around the house and keep a record of where you hid them" it means that you write down somewhere where the jelly bean jars are hidden. Or "Watch your sister eating a jar of jelly beans and keep a record of what colours she chooses" they mean to write down the colour of all the jelly beans she eats.

Where was the world's largest jar of jelly beans unveiled in October 1999 located?

On October 15, 1999, the world's largest jar of jelly beans was unveiled. It weighed 6,050 pounds Each year, U.S. manufacturers produce more than 16 billion jelly beans for Easter -- that's enough to completely fill a plastic Easter egg 89 feet high and 60 feet wide (about the height of a nine-story office building)

What is a good party favor idea?

Candy can make a great party favor idea! You can get jelly beans and other candies and give each guest a goody bag to fill.