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what part of a cup is 30cc?

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Q: What part of a cup is 30cc?
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30cc means how much in Mililiter?

30cc in mililitre is 30

How fast is a 30cc motor?

30cc is equilent to 20 mph

How do you convert cc to cup?

30cc (ml)= 1 fluid ounce; there are 8 ounces in a cup (liquid)so 30x8=240cc

How many milliliters in one-fourth of a cup?

There are 30cc (or milliliters) to an ounce, so 4 ounces would equal 120 cc (or 120 milliliters).

How much is 30CC's?

3/10 of 100cc. Also, since 1cc=1mL, 30cc=30mL which is 30% of 100mL or 3% of 1000mL. Since 1000mL=1 Liter, 30cc=.03Liter. Had enough of this?

What is the nromal prostate size in cc?


How fast is 30cc engine in mph?


How many cups of water is 250cc?

250cc is equivalent to approximately 1 cup of water.

How many grams are equivalent to 30cc?

30 gram

Where can you find a 30cc gas moped?

you can find this in india.

How much is 80 ccs?

1cc = 1ml just for starters. Then remember a 30cc med cup is 2 tablspoons OR 1oz. So 80cc is 4 tbls. plus 4 tsp. OR 2 2/3 oz. ,,,,,,,hope I got that right... I'm tired and due for my shift!! it sounds confusing but it really isn't...try it on paper and before you know it you will have it all in your head!! Base it all on a 30cc medicine cup, like the ones that come on top of cough syrup!

How many liquid cubic centimeters in an ounce?

30cc=1 ounce.