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By A-Levels, you get to choose any subjects you want, so you can choose them if you want but you don't have to

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Q: Are the 3 or 4 subjects you take at a level not including English maths and science?
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What subjects are vital to study for GSCE and A level for a career in Law?

English you have to get an A in Science you have to get an A in

Why is better to study business subjects than to study science subjects in college level?

It isnt.

Can you go to university with maths-an English - a science a re b pe a and hstory and geography a and a level?

Depends on the subjects that you want to study as well as the University.

What Does Evaluation Mean?

Evaluation is when you tell the rights and the wrongs of something which can accord to conscience. Evaluation can be used in any type of subject such as English, science, religious, geography plus Art which can be a numerous amount of definitions. I will present you to what level you'd be if you were to evaluate something in different types of subjects. Evaluating in English level: 6 Evaluating in science level: 5 Evaluating in religious level: 7 Evaluating in geography level: 7 Evaluating in Arteography level: 7

How many school subjects are there?

There are typically around 5-7 core subjects in school, such as Math, Science, English, History, and Foreign Language. However, the number of subjects can vary depending on the school curriculum and grade level.

What are the requirements to study to be a food scientist?

It depends on the university/college however in the UK; Leeds University: BBB at A' Level (Including two sciences). Nottingham University; BBB at A level (Including two sciences) or ABB with 1 science. Reeding University: ABB at A' Level Cardiff Metro University: 240 UCAS points with CC in two science related subjects. Manchester Metro University: 260 UCAS points with C in one science subject.

What is SEC curriculum?

SEC curriculum refers to the curriculum established by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) for the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) examinations in Singapore. It covers a range of subjects including English, mathematics, science, and humanities, and is designed to assess students' knowledge and skills at the secondary level.

What subjects do you have to be good at to be a doctor?

I assume you mean school subjects. At that level, biology is the most relevant, though you will need to be very good at science in general.

What subjects do you need to do study drama in South Africa?

Any subjects really, as long as you have a level 4(four) or higher in English.

What is the expected level for year 8 in maths english and science?

In year eight, the government expects pupils to be a level 5a at English, Maths and Science. The exceptional pupils should be at a level 6b for English, a 7 at science and a 7/8 for maths. Hope this helps.

What all subjects are needed for O level?

well!!Social Studies, History and English

What are the subjects required in order to study law?

Subjects that are typically required to study law include English, history, political science, and economics. Additionally, courses in critical thinking, logic, and public speaking can also be beneficial for aspiring law students.