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Note: some Arabic letters do not have an english substitute. The letter "ح" will be written as h, but it actually has a sharper sound (sounds a lot like the sound you make to clean your glasses).

The letter "ع" is called "ein" but is a bit different. It will be written as an apostrophe. You can Google "arabic letter ein" to find the pronunciation. It can be skipped in a word, but the sound will be a tiny bit different.

One = Wa-hid (Sharp h)

Two = It-nein

Three = Ta-la-ta

Four = Arba'a (Apostrophe will be used instead of Arabic letter ein "ع" as there is no substitute for it in English. Google "arabic letter ein" to find pronunciation)

Five = Khemm-sa

Six = Sit-ta

Seven = Sabb'a

Eight = Tamanya

Nine = Tis'a

Ten = 'a-sha-ra

Eleven = Hidashurr (with a sharper 1st "h")

Twelve = It-nau-shurr

Thirteen = Tala-tau-shurr

Fourteen = Arba'-tau-shurr

Fifteen = Khamas-tau-shurr

Sixteen = Sit-tau-shurr

Seventeen = Saba'-tau-shurr

Eighteen = Taman-tau-shurr

Nineteen = Tisa'-tau-shurr

Twenty = 'ishreen

Twenty-one = Wa-hid wi 'ishreen (you basically write the number first, then the word for 20. "wi" is the arabic word for "and", sometimes pronounced "weh")

Twenty two = It-nein wi 'ishreen

Thirty = Talateen

Thirty one = Wahid wi talateen (sharp "h" in "wahid"

Thirty two = It-nein wi talateen

Forty = Arba'een

Fifty = Khemm-seen

Sixty = Sit-teen

Seventy = Sebb-'een

Eighty = Tamaneen

Ninety = Tis-'een

100 = Meyya

101 = Meyya wi wahid (sharp "h" in "wahid")

120 = Meyya wi 'ishreen

200 = Mit-tein

300 = Tolto-meyya

400 = Rob'omeyya

500 = Khomso-meyya

600 = Sotto-meyya

700 = Sob'omeyya

800 = Tomno-meyya

900 = Tos'o-meyya

1000 = Alf

1100 = Alf wi Meyya

1 Million = Mill-yone

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wahed, itneen, telatah, arba, khemsa, sitta, saba3, temenia, tisa3, 3oshra

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Q: How are Egyptian numbers pronounced?
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