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if in the second part (+E[n]) n is less than 0 average life expectancy: 8.7+E1 OR 8.7*10^1 meters in a centimeter 1+E-2 OR 1*10^-2

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Q: How do you know if a number written in scientific notation is less than one?
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How do you know if a number is written in scientific notation?

If it is written in scientific notation it will have x10 to a certain power if it is standard it won't

What is 57900000 in scientific notation?

The number can be written in scientific notation as 7.89x109.

How do you know if a number is scientific notation?

It is in scientific notation if it looks like ±a*10±b, where a is a number between 1 and 10 (1 ≤ a < 10) and b is an integer.

What is 0.00000054 in scientific notation?

5.400000e-7Scientific notation is also know as exponential notation. Numbers in scientific notation must be entered in E notation. For example, 1.23 x 10^7 is entered as 1.23E7 or 1.23e7.

Explain to you what scientific notation is?

No thanks, I already know.

What would 321003271 be in scientific notation?

I don’t know

What are the rules in writing in scientific notation?

Scientific Notation, Standard Form and Exponential Notation are used in different countries but all have the same meaning. It is a way of expressing a number as a value between 1 and 10 multiplied by a power of 10. 5.63 x 10² is the standard form number of 563. 8.6927 x 10^4 is the standard form number of 86927.

What is scientific notation for 1743.55?

i dont know really sorry

How do doctors use scientific notation?

my mind is not able to know this


What you have to do is make sure your scientific notation is between 1 and 9.9999..... you know. then, you multiply that number by ten to a certain power-a negative or positive power; negative moving the decimal to the left and positive to the right-depending on the number you are using. For example, 6.37 x 10(to the 7 power).

What does standard form in mathematics mean?

It has the same meaning as scientific notation for instance 123,000,000 is 1.23*108 when in standard form or scientific notation

Scientific notation eazy to use?

its eazy to read if you know how to work it