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You can do the fact backwards. ex. 3+4=7 turn it around 7-4=3

I believe it is called doing the inverse operation.

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Q: How does knowing an addition fact help with a subtraction fact?
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How do you think knowing that 125 plus 150 equals 275 can help you solve 275-150 equals?

By utilising the fact that subtraction is the reverse operation to addition. Thus, if A + B = C then C - B = A In this particular case, since 125 + 150 = 275 then 275 - 150 = 125

How can knowing that multiplication is repeated addition and division is repeated subtraction help you understand that multiplication and division are related?

the whole reason is this: multiplication is adding to that number in groups and division is subtracting from a number in groups.

How are addition properties and subtraction rules helpful when solving problems?

I need help, Please help me and others out

How is regrouping and subtraction difference from regrouping addition?

I need help with that. I happen to have that question now in my Math lesson :( HELP!!!

Why it happens in maths that addition and subtraction makes subtraction?

Ok i can see where you would have trouble with this. When i first started Algebra, i wasn't quite sure how this worked. Here are some examples: 2-+2=0 the subtraction sign cancels the addition out. (2-2 is the same thing) 2- -2= 4 the two subtraction signs make an addition sign. (2+2 is the same thing) I hope i could help you.

Why is it better to rewrite subtraction into addition?

It can help SOME people to understand it better - though others find it makes things more confusing. So it is NOT universally better.

Help with this math question if anyone could help you wouild really appreciate it the Problem is 26-4x5 plus 8diveded by 2?

The answer to this question is 12. This is a math question that uses multiplication, subtraction, addition and division.

What are the four mathematician of life?

The four maths you need to learn the most are addition,subtraction,multiplication and division. You need to learn this because it will help you understand the othe parts in maths.

what does PEMDAS mean and name some of the order of operations that star with those letters?

Please Exuse My Dear Aunt Sally Parentheses Exponents Multiplication or Addition or Subtraction. “PEMDAS” (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) to help you remember? Memorable acronyms aren't the only way to memorize concepts.

How can knowing the greatest common factor and least common multiple help you when you add subtract and multiply fractions?

Knowing the least common multiple of the denominators will help you find a common denominator when adding and subtracting unlike fractions. Knowing the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator will help you reduce the fraction if possible.

What is the meaning of PEMDA?

Pemdas means a key that will help you in order of operations. It means : Parentheses Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction You can memorize it by: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Can somebody help me by doing a step-by-step tutorial on these Question: What fraction of each square is shaded green How did you use the addition or subtraction of fractions to find each fraction?

Here's a photo: