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Q: How much shorter is 0.295 centimeters from0.38 centimeters?
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How much longer is a meter than 120 centimeters?

1 meter is 20 centimeters shorter than 120 centimeters.So the answer to the question is: Negative 20 centimeters.

How much is 900 centimeters?

how much is 900 centimeters

How much is 417' in centimeters?

1 059.18 Centimeters

How much is in centimeters?

53.0125 meters is 5,301.25 centimeters.

You are 178 centimeters how much is it in foot and please tell you how much centimeters in foot?

One foot is exactly 30.48 centimeters. To convert centimeters to feet, you divide by that number.

How much is 165 centimeters in feet?

165 centimeters = 5.4 feet.

How much is one meter and sixty-four centimeters in centimeters?

1 meter = 100 centimeters(1 meter + 64 centimeters) = (100 centimeters + 64 centimeters) = 164 centimeters

How much is 53.0125m in centimeters?

53.0125 meters is 5,301.25 centimeters.

How much is 30inch in centimeters?

30 inches is 76.2 centimeters.

How much is 90ft to centimeters?

90 feet is 2,743.2 centimeters.

How much is the feet in centimeters?

1 foot is 30.48 centimeters.

How much centimeters in millimeters?

1 millimeter=0.1 centimeters