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Q: The possibility that something is true and valid is its?
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The possibility that something is true and valid is its what?

The possibility that something is true and valid is its validity.

What is the possibility of something's being true or valid is known as?


What does the word may be mean?

The phrase "may be" indicates a possibility or uncertainty about something that is being mentioned. It suggests that an idea or situation could potentially be true or valid, but it is not confirmed.

What does valid motivation mean?

A true and honest reason to do something.

What word means a belief that something is true or valid?


What does the base word mean in invalid?

The base word in "invalid" is "valid," which means something that is acceptable or true. When you add the prefix "in-" to "valid," it changes the meaning to "not valid" or "not acceptable."

What does the word validity refer to?

The term validity is the action of validating something. When something is valid, it is real, legitimate, or a true true statement about a topic or subject.

What part of speech is legitimate?

"Legitimate" can function as both an adjective and a noun. As an adjective, it describes something that is lawful, authentic, or valid. As a noun, it refers to a person who is born of married parents or to something that is accepted as true or valid.

What is the difference between valid and accurate?

Valid means that something is logically sound or based on acceptable reasoning, while accurate means that something is correct or true to a certain degree of precision. Validity relates to the strength of an argument or statement, while accuracy relates to how close a measurement or statement is to the truth.

What is the difference between a valid fact and a valid argument?

Facts cannot be valid. They can only be true or false. Arguments, on the other hand, can be valid. A valid argument in one which must have a true conclusion provided that the premises are true (no guarantee of that though).

What is preserves in math?

It means that something which was valid (or true) before a change remains true after a change. For example, the area of a shape is preserved under translation or rotation.

A valid argument can have a false conclusion True or False?

True. A valid argument can have a false conclusion if the premises logically lead to that conclusion even though it is not true. Validity in logic refers to the structure of the argument, regardless of the truth or falsity of the premises or conclusion.