The recipricol of a fraction

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Swap the denominator and numerator

eg if you have 2/5 the reciprocal of it is 5/2

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Q: The recipricol of a fraction
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What is a math reciprocal?

a recipricol of a fraction is the fraction flipped over, with the numerator in the denominators place and vice versa.

What is reciprocal of -10?

-0.1 or in fraction form it is -1/10 recipricol just means to flip the fraction. since -10 is the same as -10/1

When you multiply a fraction by its reciprocal you get what for an answer?

When you multiply a fraction by its recipricol you will always end with the answer of 1.EX.4/6 x 6/4 = 14x6=246x4=2424 divided by 24 = 1

What is the recipricol of negative 5?


What is the definition of multiplicitive inverse?

The definition of an multipilicative inverse is a number that's times by the known number to attain a product of one. To find the multiplicative inverse is the same thing as the recipricol of the number. To find the multiplicitive inverse or recipricol of a number, first turn the number into a fraction, then switch the numerator and denominator around. The result is your multiplicitive inverse.

What is the recipricol of a negative number?

Assuming you are asking about a reciprocal rather than a recipricol(!), the answer is one divided by the number.So, for example, reciprocal of -3 = 1/(-3) = -1/3.

What is the recipricol of -19?

The reciprocal of -19 is -1/19

What is the recipricol of 7654321?

The reciprocal of 7654321 is: 1 over 7654321 or 1/7654321

How do you work out the recipricol of a number?

Flip it. The reciprocal of 3/4 is 4/3

What is recipricol innervation in human body?

Reciprocal innervation refers to the coordinated activation of muscles on opposite sides of a joint. For example, when one set of muscles contracts to move a joint, the opposing muscles relax to allow for smooth movement. This mechanism helps in maintaining balance, stability, and coordinated movement in the body.

How do you find the recipricol of an integer?

Put a 1 over it. The reciprocal of 3 is 1/3

Why do you switch the numbers around when dividing fractions?

you switch the second fraction around ( multiply by the reciprocal ) because it is way easier than trying to actually divide the fraction by dividing, you get the same answer. but we multiply by the recipricol because multiplying fractions is simpler. example.... 4/6 divided by 8/5 you then get 4/6 * 5/8 = 5/12