What are fraction bars?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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A fraction bar is the bar in between two numbers to make a fraction........the fraction bar means divide. For example: 1 over 2 is equals 2.

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Q: What are fraction bars?
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How do fraction bars or number lines that have at least one equivalent fraction look like?


What is 365 as a fraction?

365/1, sorry. I don't have fraction bars on my keyboard.

What is the order of operation performed in a fraction?

To Evaluate expressions using the order of operations where there are fraction bars, simplify the top and bottom first, then divide.

Carl used a 4 of one type of fraction bar to show 25 what kind of fraction bars did he use?

The answer is four 1/10 pieces from a 1/10 fraction bar.

34 18 find the sum using fraction bars to justify the answer?

1/2 1/6 1/6

What does fraction manipulatives mean?

Fraction manipulatives are a teaching aid to help children (and older people) learn to work with fractions. They consist of objects which can be handled by the pupil (manipulated) to help them learn. Fraction bars, or discs which can be taken apart like slices of a pizza are two examples.

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