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The only high school classes that are required are those that any college would require for admission. To prepare for the classes required so that one may apply to veterinary school it would be good to take Algebra I & II plus Trigonometry.

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Every vet school requires calculus I, some require calculus II.

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You should take all the math classes you can. It will make anything you might need to take in college a lot easier to understand.

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Q: What high school math courses is required for a veterinarian to take?
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What type of courses will you need to get in high school to be eligible to become a vet?

Specific high school courses will have little to do with becoming a veterinarian. You will need good grades to enable you to get into college and good grades there in order to get into vet school.

What high school courses are required for family law?

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How do you get into a veterinarian school?

There are five basic areas you will need to work on to be accepted to a vet school in the US: 1. Pre-requisite courses with a high GPA 2. Animal experience 3. Veterinary experience 4. Letters of recommendation 5. Vet school application Once you have enough hours of experience, have 2-3 letters of recommendation from a veterinarian and have completed the required pre-requisite courses with a sufficiently high GPA, you can fill out an application through VMCAS.

What does being a veterinarian require after high school?

In the United States, after high school you would need to complete at least three years of undergraduate pre-requisite courses then another four years of vet school.

What is High school degree?

A high school degree is a high school diploma. This is a document that demonstrates that you have completed all necessary courses and have obtained all necessary credits required for high school completion.

What is the postsecondary education required as a veterinarian?

After high school, an undergraduate degree is necessary. Then application to a veterinary school comes after than. It takes at least six to eight years of postsecondary education to become a veterinarian.

What are the required high school courses and how many units of will you need to get into duke university school of medicine?

you spelled medicine wrong

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You need to have taken high school or college courses in photography.

Is all high school diploma tests the same?

No, every state has their own standards and required courses.

Can 14 year old work as a veterinarian?

As a general rule of thumb, no - 14 is too young to have completed all the required training to be a veterinarian. To become a veterinarian, you must complete high school or a GED, complete at least three years worth of undergraduate courses (calculus, microbiology, physics, organic chemistry, etc.) and then complete four years of vet school. A 14-year-old graduating from vet school would be incredible news, and I have not heard of this happening.

What courses do you need to take in high school to go to law school?

Business law civics and free enterprise. In the United States, there are no high school courses that will help you get into law school. There are actually no specific college courses that are required. The only requirement in most law schools is that you have completed a Bachelor's degree of some type.