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Q: What is element of the Boston matrix?
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How can you integrate a matrix?

You integrate each element of the matrix.

What word the Matrix is real?

If each element of a matrix is real then the matrix is real.

Each number in a matrix is called a?

Each number in the matrix is called an element of the matrix

If a matrix has only one element is it a square matrix?


What is the term for a specific number within a matrix?

A matrix element.

What is Boston matrix?

Boston Matrix is a more informal marketing tool used for product portfolio analysis and management, developed by the Boston Consulting Group in the early 1970s.

Is matrix polynomial and polynomial matrix same?

No. A matrix polynomial is an algebraic expression in which the variable is a matrix. A polynomial matrix is a matrix in which each element is a polynomial.

What is an adjoint?

An adjoint is a matrix in which each element is the cofactor of an associated element of another matrix.

Can you link the Boston matrix to a products life cycle?

The introduction phrase within the product life cycle relates to the question mark group within the Boston Matrix. Star products in the Boston Matrix relate to the growth stage of the product life cycle. The maturity stage of the product life cycle relates to the cash cow group of the Boston Matrix. Dog products within the Boston Matrix are linked with the decline stage of the product life cycle.

What are the key elements of skills matrix?

what is the key element of skill matrix

How do you multiply a matrix by a scale?

Multiply each element of the matrix by the scalar.

C program to sort all elements of a 4x4 matrix?

This type of sorting can b performd by simply transferring all the matrix elements in a single dimension array of 1X16 size and then sorting this array and then transferring the elements back to 4X4 matrix. You can also treat the 4x4 matrix as a simple array using pointers and, thus, not need to transfer from matrix to array and back. Example, using ellipses (...) to simulate indentation for clarity... int matrix[4][4] = {...some values...} int *element; int flag = 1; while (flag == 1) { /* simple bubble sort */ ... flag = 0; ... /* loop from first element to next to last element */ ... for (element = &matrix[0][0]; element < &matrix[3][3]; element ++) { ... ... if (*element > *(element + 1)) { ... ... ... flag = 1; ... ... ... *element ^= *(element + 1); /* exclusive or swap */ ... ... ... *(element + 1) ^= *element; ... ... ... *element ^= *(element + 1); ... ... } ... } }