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There are at least 5 tool angles for a single point cutting tool, which one are you referring to?

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Q: What is the angles of single point cutting tool?
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What is tool geometry?

The geometry which describes the various cutting angles of the single point cutting tools is known as tool geometry.For further information consult your teacher and if you get a better answer than this please tell me...................

Difference between single-point cutting tool use in lathe and shaping machine?

explain the difference between single point & multi point cutting tool

What are the factors that contribute to the cutting tool efficiency of a single point cutting tool?

taik kuceng

What is the effect of nose radius in a single point cutting tool?

loda mera

What is end cutting edge angle in single point cutting tool?

It is the angle between face of the tool and a plane perpendicular to the side of the shank.It varies from 5 to 15 degrees.

What is side cutting edge angle in single point cutting tool?

Indicates that the plane which forms the flank has been ground back at an angle to the side of the shank

How do you calculate tool life of a single point cutting tool or any mathematical example?

n is found by using experimental data. The whole point of Taylor's tool life equation is to predict the tool life for different spindle speeds.

What is the similarities of milling cutter and single point cutting tool?

Approximate Equivalent of tool geometry:Lathe / planerMilling cutterBack rakeAxial rakeSide rakeRadial rakeSide cutting-edge angleCorner rakeEnd cutting-edge angleEnd cutting-edge angleSide reliefPeripheral reliefEnd reliefEnd relief

What is the design procedure for single point cutting tool? have to know the workpiece material 2.tool material 3.type of machining process 4.sinle point or multi point tool 5.roughing or finishing cut 6.stresses that applied on the tool 7.dry or wet machining 8.cutting conditions,speed,feed and depth of cut 9.productivity and tool life 10.surface finish required

What is meant by tool signature?

The numerical code that describes all the key angles of a given cutting tool. A tool signature may be used for HSS or carbide inserts.

What do you mean by cutting tool nomenclature?

Before seeing about the cutting tool nomenclature we need to be able to identify the difference between a right handed and left handed cutting tool.Identifying right and left hand Single Point Cutting Tools1. Place a selection of cutting tools on a table or bench.2. View the tools from above with the cutting edges towards the viewer.Conclusion:The tools with their cutting edges on the right hand side, are right hand cutting tools, whereas those with their cutting edges on the left, are left hand cutting tools.

What cutting tool starts with the letter A?

An ax is a cutting tool.